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Has it been a hot minute since you roamed #hstne?  We have all been sheltering at home for too long.  Do you miss us? We certainly MISS YOU. If you feel like us, it’s time for you to SHOW H STREET SOME LOVE & WRITE US LOVE NOTES NOW!

We urge you as some others have done to simply get creative on an 8.5×11 letter size sheet with any medium you have, with letters of expression,  drawings with crayons, markers, felt pens, old school typewriters etc., no matter what you use to profess your love for #hstne, we will post it on our LOVE WALL in front of Solid State Books for you!  Submission is open to age groups from 2 to 105 years old.  LOVE IS THE ANSWER.  #hstreetlove

You can DROP OFF the physical copy at the mail slot at 1005 H Street NE or you can snap a photo & EMAIL it to   We can’t wait to see your work. It’s going up starting THIS WEEKENDTHE TIME TO DO IT IS NOW!